This is a list of various things and their power usage

Note: all my equipment is 240V

Inrush is Peak power seen at turnon. Peak is peak power seen during normal operations. Run is power seen during normal operations. Standby is power seen during any standby mode. Watts is calculated from Run Amps

Name                    ManuDat Inrush Peak     Run     Standby Watts   $/day
----------------------- ------- ------ -------- ------- ------- -----   -----
peril			-	 4.3A	 3.4A	1.1A		 264W	0.82	including UPS,CPU and disks
NEC MultiSync XP17	?	17.2A	 2.2A	0.7A	0.3A	 168W	0.50
HP Scanjet 4p		?	13.0A	 0.4A	0.4A	0.1A	  96W	0.28
HP Procurve 10/100 Hub	?	25.6A	 0.4A	0.2A		  48W	0.14
External Drive Box		 6.4A	 0.3A	0.1A		  24W	0.07	4xCDR & DDS3 (neither streaming in test)
Fridge			?	10A	 2.3A	1A		 240W	0.71

peril UPS		?	11.4A	 0.8A	0.1A		  24W	-	Unloaded UPS
peril UPS recovery		40A						Inrush immediately after power recovered
peril Disks		-	 2.2A	 2.0A	0.6A		 144W		Most disks powered down
peril CPU		?	 1.2A	 2.5A	0.5A		 120W		Running minimal diags on a SMP kernel
PC AMP		?	?	 6.3A	 0.3A	0.1A		  24W	0.07

Microwave		?	-	10.5A	5.4A		1296W
Entertainment Center	-	 1.8A			0.1A	  24W	0.07
Entertainment Center	-	-	 4.4A	1.3A		 312W		All on
 TV			2000	-	 3.6A	0.8A		 192W	0.57
 AMP			1996	14.6A	 0.6A	0.3A		  72W	0.21
 DVD PC			1997	 0.7A	 0.5A	1.5A		 360W	1.07
IBM 600E laptop

Currently, I am charged either 12.44c or 13.31c per kWh (no I dont know why there are two values either)

Recently, my bills have told me that my cost is $2.37 per day. Counting the devices that I know are left on, I calculate a cost of $1.84/day. I do not have values for the server or discs, so they might be $0.53/day but I would have expected more Watts from a dual P2/450 and a separate box with 4 SCSI discs. Now that I have figures for peril, I am a little supprised at how low they are. It all almost adds up - especially if the fact that the fridge value may be slightly high (due to me trying to provoke compression activity)

My electricity meter does not seem to have any holes in the spinning disc that I could use like a photo interrupter to measure my power with MRTG. I have a disk that spins 187.5 times per kWh and when I timed it (2003-03-03 16:50) it took 43.38seconds to spin once. This is 7.3 WattHours per minute, or 10.6kWh per day. Since this is around $1.35/day, there is obviously less on right now than normal. Maybe the fridge wasnt compressing right then?

Update: 2006-08-10 Tested power usage on Cisco WS-C3548-XL-EN boot max 8.4 boot avg 0.8 run max 0.8 run 0.4